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About NRT

NRT is a small, independent design and part supply company for radiant and hydronic heating systems, and also residential ventilation systems. Rob and Dave are the co-owners and they oversee the design of every system we work on. They went into business as NRT in January of 2002 after three years of working together as the primary design team for an older radiant design company that moved out of our area. As a team, we have designed hundreds of radiant systems over the years of all types, sizes and configurations.

Our goal as a company is simple: to help people achieve the efficiency and comfort excellence they desire. We depend on word of mouth advertising and because of that, every job we do is a living representative of our company and our designs.

We believe in fully educating our clients about the system options available to them, and working with each client to help them find their optimal comfort, efficiency, and budget goals. Then we proceed with the confidence that comes with knowing what we are doing and why, before any installation work has occurred!

We specialize in residential and light commercial systems, including design elements such as:

  • High Tech, Low Tech, and nearly No-Tech control strategies
  • High and low mass radiant floors
  • Low and Ultra-Low pump energy systems
  • Intelligent heat source selection for each project's needs
  • Radiant ceilings, walls, and panel radiaton
  • Retrofits and existing system integration
  • Solar and Geothermal utilization
  • Snowmelting systems
  • Radiant Cooling systems
  • Daikin Altherma Air to Water Heat Pump project analysis
  • and residential indoor air quality ventilation systems.

If full air side cooling system design is a requirement for your project, we have begun to collaborate with experienced designers and fellow efficiency wonks Energy Vanguard to provide a total heating, cooling and ventilation design service. Ask us about it!

From one room radiant add-ons to the most complex residential mechanical project, let us help you make the best choices for your project, your comfort, and your pocketbook, and then help you make those choices a reality that will keep you or your clients safe, comfortable and happy for years to come!

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