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General Inquiries and plansets can be emailed to, or you can always feel free to call 207-582-8721 with questions!

Sending plansets:

N.R.T. can accept plans by mail, fax, or email; for emailed plans, we can accept .JPG, .PDF, and most .DWG formats. We prefer PDF.

If you send any type of plan drawings that are not in a standard scale, that are reduced from their original scale, or in any electronic format, make sure at least major room dimensions are marked for verification. Window, Door, and finished floor schedules greatly facilitate our heat load services and help ensure accuracy. Make sure to include your contact information so we can reach you quickly once we have received your plans!

You can send material, or reach us during normal business hours... and sometimes during abnormal business hours... at:

Northeast Radiant Technology, L.L.C.
11 Technology Drive
Libby Hill Business Park
Gardiner, ME, 04345

Phone: 207-582-8721
Fax: 207-582-8755

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