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The following companies and people are part of how NRT brings its services to the building industry. For more information on any of the following (or to join this list!), please feel free to contact us.


  • A and A Air Services, Inc. - Frankford

    A and A specialize in geothermal heating and cooling systems of all types. On radiant projects, A and A works with NRT to maximize comfort and efficiency for their clients. We've run the gamut from simple floor warming to the most complex fully integrated heating and cooling systems together!
    Contact: Chris Allen
    Phone: 302-436-4800
    Specialties: Geothermal, electrical, air, radiant for residential and commercial.


  • Brewer's Heating Systems - Damariscotta/Midcoast

    Tom Brewer of Brewer's Heating Systems is a licenced plumber and heating professional who provides our Control Board prefabrication services. In addition, he is a client who installs NRT radiant system designs in the central-midcoast Maine region. Tom is trained on the Daikin Altherma Air to Water Heat Pump.
    Contact: Tom Brewer
    Phone: 207-380-5012
    Specialties: Residential and light commercial heating systems.

  • reVision Energy, LLC - Portland and Liberty

    Revision Energy (Formerly Known as Energyworks) is a mechanical contracting company that specializes in the specification, design and installation of alternative energy systems such as solar hot water, Photovoltaic, Wood boilers, and other sustainable and energy-efficient technologies. NRT has collaborated with Revision Energy on high efficiency radiant applications, with NRT focusing on the radiant design and Revision Energy handling the energy source design, piping and installation. Revision Energy is a state registered solar installation company in Maine, a requirement for state tax credits towards installing solar systems, and also work with the Daikin Altherma Air to Water Heat Pump on some solar systems.
    Portland Branch:
    Contact: Phil Coupe
    Phone: 207-221-6342

    Liberty Branch:
    Contact: John Luft
    Phone: 207-589-4171
    Specialties: Solar thermal, photovoltaics, wood and pellet boilers.

  • reVision Heat, LLC - Portland and Brewer

    reVision heat's mission is to help Maine off oil into sustainable more energy efficient home heating solutions. Options include automated pellet boilers, gasifying wood boilers, oil to natural gas conversions, as well as efficient electric heat. When installing larger heating/radiant systems, reVision heat partners with NRT (Northeast Radiant Technology). NRT designs the larger heating/radiant systems and sells everything reVision heat needs to install these systems ie. pex tubing, pex fittings, warmboard, etc. minus the boiler and its major components. reVision heat is a certified heating contractor with over 10 years installing alternative heating systems. reVision Heat is qualified to work on Daikin Altherma air to water heat pump systems.
    Phone: 207-221-5677
    Specialties: Residential, commercial & industrial HVAC systems, automated pellet boilers, gasifying wood boilers, air source heat pumps, natural gas conversions

  • Solartechnic Contractors, Inc. - Corinth

    Clayton Cole has the distinction of decades of radiant heat experience, having been an early adopter of the technology back in the early days of modern radiant in America. He is a self-sufficient design-build contractor, but he is a valued NRT customer and we have no hesitation in recommending his independent design-build capabilities. Clayton can provide gypcrete overpours, as well as top-notch radiant and mechanical systems of all stripes.
    Phone: 207-285-7886
    Specialties: Radiant heating, Tekmar controls, solid fuel-gas-oil boilers, gypcrete overpours.

  • W.E. Reynolds, LLC. - Turner

    Ed is a Maine Master Oil & Solid Fuel Heating Technician, a Maine Licensed Propane & Natural Gas Technican, and a Member of Radiant Panel Association. Ed and NRT collaborated on a first place RPA system showcase design entry in 2008!

    Ed installs gas, oil or wood fired equipment for both conventional heating systems and radiant floor systems, He specializes in system installations, beginning with a discusssion about function and operation. Then he works with NRT to develop the mechical design which will then utilizes high efficiency boilers such as Munckin, controls such as Tekmar and Radiant floor heating methods such as Warmboard. Ed is trained on the Daikin Altherma Air to Water Heat Pump.
    Contact: Ed Reynolds
    Phone: 207-225-2126
    Specialties: Residential heating systems.

  • W.H. Demmons, Inc. - Portland

    W. H. Demmons, Inc. includes Maine Air Conditioning, Demmons Roofing, and Portland Sheet Metal companies. We have worked with Maine Air on radiant and floor warming projects including both commercial and high-end residential projects that need total mechanical design. They've been in business for quite awhile and have a very high level of service and experience in a very wide variety of mechanical systems.
    Contact: Doug Martin
    Phone: 207-797-7417
    Specialties: Commercial, industrial, residential HVAC systems.


  • Clean Energy Design - North Falmouth, Cape Cod

    Clean Energy Design offers a turnkey solar power service that handles design, rebate assistance, installation and maintenance of commercial and residential renewable energy systems such as solar hot water, solar photovoltaic, and wind energy. CED has worked hand in hand with NRT on highly efficient radiant systems, with NRT handling the radiant design and Clean Energy Design delivering the solar energy source design, incentives and installation. Since 1997, CED has helped customers all over New England create more energy efficient homes and businesses, make the appropriate renewable energy choices and integrate their unique systems.
    Contact: Nancy Reynolds
    Phone: 508-563-6990
    Specialties: Solar thermal, photovoltaics, hydronics, gas boilers, wind.

New York

  • Renovus Energy inc. - Ithaca

    Renovus is a solar specialty company in western new york who also handles more complete mechanical projects when it serves their client's needs. Renovus has trained on the Daikin Altherma Air-to-water heat pump, and has worked with NRT on radiant systems and more complex hydronic integrations as well.
    Contact: Joe Sliker
    Phone: 607-277-1777
    Specialties: Solar thermal, photovoltaics, hydronics.

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