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Product Lines

Following are the product lines that NRT favors in its mechanical designs. This list is by no means exclusive! It simply represents the products we have come to know and respect as among the best in the industry, helping us to produce system designs that we can be confident in for years to come. That said, most of our designs are fairly product-agnostic (other than electronics) and so other brands of pipe, manifolds, etc, can always be considered. All brand names on this page are copyright of their respective owners.

  • tn_AlthermaLogo.jpg Daikin Altherma Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

    NRT is using the Daikin Altherma cold climate air-to-water heat pump to handle our shop's entire heating and cooling loads. We are seeing excellent efficiency and reliability at a price typically far below that of comparable ground-source installs, and we have no external backup even in our cold Maine winters! Our experience has led us to become promoters of this technology for our hydronic clients, especially those considering oil or propane as alternatives.

  • tn_grundfos_logo2.gif Grundfos Pumps

    Grundfos pumps have proven to us over time to be nearly bulletproof, as well as affordable, with a wide range of products for all of our applications. These little guys have given us years of trouble free, reliable operation on hundreds of systems. Plus, as a very popular pump manufacturer, if you do ever need a replacement and can't wait for us to ship, it's probably available at half a dozen local supply houses!

  • No image available Newland Lightweight Plates

    On many projects, lightweight aluminum plates are used to facilitate heat transfer between the radiant tubing and the floor, such as radiant ceilings or walls, or above the floor sandwich installs. When expensive heavy gauge plates are not required, we use locally manufactured, high quality Newland Lightweight Plates. We stock two widths for most jobs, or we can have plates made to order in custom widths and configurations for each project's needs, Newland gives us a nice snug "omega groove" channel around the tubing, allowing for nearly 360 degrees of contact between the plate and the tubing with no silicon or other additives necessary. This gives us great contact for conduction and great performance at a very, very competitive price!

  • tn_Runtallogo.jpg Runtal Radiators

    NRT Uses Runtal radiant panel baseboard, custom radiant panel emitters, and towel warmers to provide attractive and efficient supplemental heat options for our clients when custom or low profile aesthetics are a requirement. Runtal provides us with top quality stock and custom services, and allow us to design around a wide range of water temperatures to get that extra boost when we need it.

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    tn_safelinklogosmall.jpg Mr. Pex Tubing and Manifolds

    With superior workability, excellent manifold accessories, and a great price, NRT favors Mr. Pex in most of our systems. Formulated by one of the key former engineers for Wirsbo/Uponor, and with years of excellent performance in the field, we use Mr. Pex PEX, PAP, and manifold products in most of our systems.

  • tn_tekmar.gif Tekmar Controls Systems

    NRT uses Tekmar's radiant controllers to provide top notch performance in our systems, with features such as constant circulation, variable speed injection, indoor and outdoor reset control, boiler purging, staging heat sources or emitters, setback capabilities, soft starts, DHW integration and more! Tekmar's microprocessor controls help us minimize water temperatures, maximize efficiency and comfort, and address a wide range of potential radiant problems such as expansion noise and short cycling.

  • tn_TFinover.jpg Thermofin Plates

    In some applications, lightweight plates are simply not adequate or desirable. When we need to drop water temperatures or increase output in over or under floor applications, we often turn to the Thermofin product line, created by Radiant Engineering, Inc., the industry leader and pioneers of extruded aluminum plate design.

  • Air Filtration Systems UltimateAir Inc.

    In our ventilation systems, we have begun to use the top of the line UltimateAir RecoupAerator DX200 nearly exclusively. The unit is fully modulating, typically providing 95% heat recovery, approximately 50% moisture recovery, and MERV12 filtration on incoming fresh air... for less energy than a typical light bulb. If better health, comfort, and energy conservation are your goal, there is no better choice.

  • tn_WarmBoard-Logo-4-C2small.gif Warmboard Radiant Subfloors

    When it comes to low-mass, high performance aluminized subfloor panels, Warmboard is king of the heap, providing a subfloor and a radiant panel all in one, that is installed just like the subfloor decking in 4x8 sheets! If prefab panels are the way to go for your project, we say that Warmboard provides the best value overall; a competitive starting price compared to other prefab panels (don't forget to subtract that 3/4" subfloor you won't need!), excellent service, the least overall install labor and extremely powerful output all in one; it's a pretty compelling package with years of proven performance behind it. If a smaller panel is desired, check out their new Warmboard-R panel with thinner profile and smaller dimensions. It's even easier with our Mr. Pex systems' PEX-AL-PEX pipe!

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