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Bid packages for the systems your clients want.

Home! Radiant heating and hydronics in general don't have to be wildly complex to be comfortable and efficient, but they do have a high design knowledge requirement to go beyond the mediocre.

You don't have to rely on expensive backup systems, heavy over-zoning, or "mad scientist mechanical rooms" to give your clients the comfort and efficiency they desire. And you don't have to spend a lot to pull together the information needed to put all your bidders on the same page!

When you want to pull together the pieces to deliver radiant success to your clients, let NRT help you navigate the process with confidence!

  • Free Consultations: With a set of plans and some discussion, NRT can nail down design fee costs, approximate material price ranges for most system components, and help you and your clients figure out what kind of system features best meet their needs.

  • Bid Specifications: Once you are armed with some cost ranges and design fee pricing, we can get to work! All major system components and important design parameters, such as the heat loss, are identified. We can then provide a low-cost, rapid deployment bid specification that ensures that bids are competing on an even playing field, including:

    • A schedule of zones and installation methods
    • A written specification for the bidders to use
    • And a concept sketch to help visualize the final piping configuration.

    In many cases, installers could take it from there. But, for more complicated or unusual systems, a two step bid process may be called for and NRT's full design service may be helpful.

  • Full Design: Once you know that the proposed system will be in an acceptable cost range, NRT could finish the design in complete detail, allowing for system documentation and support that greatly exceeds the quality from "jack of all trades" mechanical engineering companies. From piping layouts to comprehensive mechanical room piping and wiring diagrams, we can provide a final, finished design that the final bidders and installers can use with confidence, including material lists.

Send us some plans or a note to inquire about how NRT can help YOUR building project!

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