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Final Design

Final Design The goal of a final design is to provide all the detail needed for an installer to execute a precision design plan, taking efficiency and comfort from paper to reality with confidence!

In this step, NRT starts doing the custom design drawings that have earned us a reputation as industry leaders and pioneers for easy-to-read, detailed diagrams that cover all the major elements of your system installation.

Click Here for a full-size Sample! Please allow a moment for download, it's a big drawing.

Final Design includes the following elements:

  • Piping layouts
  • Manifold Diagrams
  • Low voltage wiring layouts
  • Hard piping diagrams for the mechanical room
  • Point to Point, easy to read wiring diagrams
  • Parts Lists
  • Parameter specifications for system electronics
  • A lifetime of tech support for the installation and use of your system

Final design fees are highly variable, but are estimated carefully during the Free Consultation so you'll know what you're getting into before you ever spend a dime. Costs can range from $0.10 to $0.75 a square foot and up, depending on system size and complexity. However, don't forget most of your design fees can be applied to material purchase, making systems with full design very affordable!

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