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Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation The goal of an initial consultation is to quickly evaluate your project and your needs, and to find the most likely path forward that fits your budget, efficiency and comfort goals.

Consultation Request form in Excel format: Download Here
Consultation Request form in PDF format: Download Here

In this step, NRT reviews your floorplans, looks over your Consultation Request Form, and discusses your project with you to figure out the starting points for your system design. We don't want to waste your time and money going down blind alleys, so this step allows us to qualify different approaches with real numbers. Then we can make an informed choice together about how to move forward!

This step includes the following elements:

  • Firm preliminary design costs for your project
  • Estimated final design costs and design credits for your project
  • Range estimates for material
  • Costs of common options that might interest you
  • Identification of the features and installation methods we think best match your project
  • Likely heat load ranges
  • Any "red flags" we are looking for at this stage

By the end of a consultation, we should know roughly what kind of costs you are looking at for a complete system, and we can re-do the initial consultation for different options until we find a price and feature range that works for you, and it's still free! Once we found a likely path forward, you'll be ready for either a Preliminary Design or a Final Design, depending on whether more design work is needed to nail down any questions or not.

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