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Preliminary Design

Preliminary Design The goal of a preliminary design is to eliminate all guesswork, and to arrive at the final system concept that truly meets your needs. No more guessing or surprises should remain at the end of this step of the design.

Here, NRT starts doing the real work of design. We work with you to refine your informed comfort, efficiency, and budget goals, and we help you figure out how to best achieve them given the unique issues that YOUR project presents.

This step firmly defines the following elements:

  • Your actual heat loads, room by room
  • The thermostatic zones YOU need to provide the comfort and control YOU want in all rooms
  • The water temperatures your system will need to operate
  • How to optimize those water temperatures for comfort and efficiency
  • Whether or not supplemental heat is needed anywhere, and if so, what to use
  • What class of heat source best meets your needs (boiler, geothermal, etc)
  • Firm numbers on system materials and final design

Preliminary Design often costs $0.10 to $0.20/sq ft, though very simple areas can be much cheaper. Also, in most cases the majority of all of your design fees can be applied toward material purchase!

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